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Flower Ring - Love at First Sight

Flower Ring - Love at First Sight

"The first 925 Sterling Silver accessories I am gonna do, where should I start? and how?" 

It was my first thought when I got this Flower Ring from the supplier for my breastmilk jewelry testing. I personally like this ring so so much when I first saw it. I know it could be a tough project as I was using mold to work on my testing for earlier design. None of my mold can fit this ring.

It took a month longer than expected for me to find out how to fit the RESIN with breastmilk in, including dozens of hours of research, a few exhausting sleepless night, not to mention many long days huddling over the keyboard, trying to find out the tricks or tips come out right and I found out the very tricky way to work on it. Finally, it fit on my finger with my own breastmilk.

Man, it feels so good.

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