Own Recipe on Breastmilk Stone

Own Recipe on Breastmilk Stone

We received a lot of incoming message about our recipe, questions are:

1. Are you using DIY kit to process the breastmilk jewelry? Answer: NO

To be honest, we did buy breastmilk jewelry DIY kit for your own observation before we started to work on our testing. We found out most of the DIY kit are using wax in attempt to get a quick result. It usually do not come with any preservation on breastmilk and it might turn to brownish or blackish in a month. We use wax such as soy wax in our craft making or soap-making and we know it is unstable when we turn it into breastmilk stone as it's melting point is very low. Due to its instability and soft texture, breastmilk jewelry DIY kit always come with glass bulb or any casing. We are having the same design but our content is RESIN which is much more stable than wax with your solidified and preserved breastmilk. We decided to launch this design when we received a lot of request. We always believe that a wise customer would choose the decent quality of product.

2. Are you selling DIY kit for breastmilk jewelry? Answer: NO

We do have workshop on resin jewelry making. Our preservation of breastmilk are involving equipment and tools with a proper ratio to solidify and stabilize the breastmilk before we started on the design and we had copy right our recipe, therefore, our resin jewelry making workshops would involve the remaining steps of jewelry making.

We mentioned we are using RESIN from USA to process your breastmilk stone with our own preservation technique, we manage to turn it into a crystal-like material (some customer said it look like pearl).