Peafowl Breast Milk Ring

Peafowl Breast Milk Ring

What is my favorite breastmilk jewelry piece I’ve made?

One of my workflow is choosing the designs for Breastmilk Jewelries. Globalization and the internet have made sourcing products from overseas more accessible. We are buying the materials from many countries.

Sourcing products overseas may seem like an overwhelming task sometimes until I see this “Peafowl Breastmilk Ring”.I like it so much even though I need to spend a lot of times to get every pieces on breastmilk jewelry attached on the ring.

Choosing the right jewelry can be a daunting business for me. Jewelry is the key to a successful outfit, so why not make your decisions based on the occasions you need to accessorize? I am surprise we got a few orders on this ring.

Well, I appreciate when our customer has the same “taste” like I do. Let our breastmilk jewelries echo the style of your wardrobe – be it modern and breastfeeding-inspired jewel-toned.

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