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Breastfeeding Journey (Share your story)

Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Lilian Han)

Lilian Han

Titus is an amazing baby boy and he is the 3rd in the family. Ever since I know I wants to breastfeed my next baby after my 2nd child I prepare myself way before I conceive. I attended breastfeeding courses and also become a Peer Counsellor myself. A

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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Charlene Ting)

Charlene Ting

我的哺乳之路 by Charlene Ting (陈梅洁) 我有3位可爱的孩子 – 2女1男(各自年龄为7岁,6岁及4岁)。身为一名妈妈,我最感到自豪及感恩的就是我成功哺乳了我家3宝。如果你问我哺乳之路容易吗?我的答案是“万事起头难“,可是,当你坚持并掌握了技巧后,哺乳就会是件“容易”的事。 一开始真的不容易,那个时候的我太天真无知了:我以为宝宝一出生,让孩子含住我的奶头,宝宝就会喝到奶了。那一年,母乳喂养教育及风气低,我在政府诊所复诊及政府医院生产,也没有护士、医生或志工来传授哺乳知识。唯一

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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Chitradevi)

Chitra Devi

Support breastfeeding - 5 months and going on.. I got pregnant after 5 years of beautiful love marriage and my pregnancy journey was smooth. But unfortunately I gone through Emergency C section and my baby was in ICU as she had some complications. I

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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Norhafizah Omar)

Norhafizah Omar

Support breastfeeding - 9months and counting ❤️ Breastfeeding journey was never been easy for any moms especially new mom like me. I was struggling since day 1 i was delivered my baby girl as i dont know how this process would be. I have problem lat

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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Chloe Wong)

Chloe Wong

Support breastfeeding - 14 months old baby girl. I hope can breastfeeding her until she 2 years old. ❤️💛💙💚💜 Many friends ask, why you insist in breastfeeding? Don't you think it's so troublesome? Yes! it's really a journey that full of difficult

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What is your breastfeeding story?

Woodie Pie

What is your breastfeeding story?

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