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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Chitradevi)

Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Chitradevi)

Support breastfeeding - 5 months and going on..

I got pregnant after 5 years of beautiful love marriage and my pregnancy journey was smooth. But unfortunately I gone through Emergency C section and my baby was in ICU as she had some complications. I was crying and crying for two reasons. First, I couldn't breastfeed her as I went through a major operation on my both breasts 5 months before I got pregnant. Second, she was admitted in ICU and as a mom I couldn't see her suffering and my milk doesn't kick off for the first week. And yeah, our bonding started only after a week we discharged from hospital, meanwhile she was on FM as I couldn't provide her milk at all and I really hate myself. But I still determined to breastfeed her and yes with lot of struggle, I successfully latched her. It hurt like they all said it would. I had trouble latching, but she was still nursing so I just tried to be patient. I had a rough first few days as my body tried to balance out hormones. I was shaky, hot, sweaty, mad, sad, and all-around miserable.But one thing I realized that nothing is impossible when it comes to breastfeeding. We as a women, are capable of growing, birthing and feeding a brand new life and I thought in that way and I able to do all these.I'm proud of being a mom and with all the support from my spouse and family I could provide enough nutrition for my little bunny. The journey may struggle, but it is worth😘❤️

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