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Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Lilian Han)

Breastfeeding Contest 2019 - Winner (Lilian Han)
Titus is an amazing baby boy and he is the 3rd in the family. Ever since I know I wants to breastfeed my next baby after my 2nd child I prepare myself way before I conceive. 

I attended breastfeeding courses and also become a Peer Counsellor myself. As soon as I finish my courses little did I know I am pregnant.  

During the first month of Titus I must admit I was having hard time due to he is always latching and i didnt get to really pump. I never give up my pumping timing so without me knowing my freezer was full of frozen breastmilk and Titus didnt like the idea of using bottle so I have no choice but to donate to the ICU and babies in need. 

People used to ask when i wants to stop my breastfeeding journey? I always replied until he wean himself. I stopped pump at 18months old as Titus was already in play school and I also thought I can successfully wean him off my boobies but I failed😅. Day by day, year by year passes I've been latching him everywhere I go and even I'm expecting my 4th child .I've been asked to stopped my breastfeeding journey  last June 2018. This is how I ended up weaning off my boy and now I am 7months post natal and fully breastfeed my baby girl🥰. 

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