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Losing a milk tooth is one of the first signs your little one is growing up. A tooth fairy myth is not popular in Malaysia and in fact their origin is from Europe. If your child knows about tooth fairy, they probably will think the tooth fairy will visit them for their lost tooth.

The tooth fairy is derived from the idea of mouse or rat. The rodent story is rooted in the belief this mouse/rat will take the tooth, with the promise of new teeth growing in  strong as rodent’s teeth. It has evolved into the mythical rodent leaving money or small gifts in exchange for the child’s tooth.

In Asia, children also throw their baby teeth to the roof, in hopes will bring them a new tooth

All kids are different, but most start losing their teeth around age 6, or around the time they start kindergarten or primary school. The bottom teeth usually fall out first, then the top, and finally those heavy-duty back molars. Your child may have some fears about losing their baby teeth.

Whether you fully embrace the tooth fairy myth or opt for a more realistic approach to teaching your child about oral hygiene. Perhaps you’ll introduce your child to Woodie Pie’s tooth fairy to keep their milk teeth!

Tooth Fairy


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