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Return Policy 

When We Giving Our Best Effort Sometimes Doesn’t Yield The Best Result

So many people might think that we can do the best after we show the public what we can do/did. But sometimes our best efforts don’t give us the results that we desire. So what happens when we give our best effort but don’t achieve our best results?

This is gonna be one of the hardest repair we ever made! Infact, we actually gave up and wanted to delete the items with inconsistent size and colour, bad workmanship...

But we didn't gave up on the return items and actually the mommy who return the items for repair motivate us to try again. At least we these feedback, we tried so many time, and we got a solution with a better method to work on it.

Thanks for reminding on the flaws that detracts from the beauty of the breastmilk jewelry. We pushed ourselves with a better quality of work.

1) Flawed Settings on your breastmilk jewelry

All of our settings are hand-made, therefore there will have a natural variation in each piece of breastmilk charm. If you notice a flaw that detracts from the beauty of your ring or pendant, please bring it to our attention, preferably with pictures attached to your photos and pm us.

If a setting is broken and was not under any undue stress, we can repair our sterling silver settings for 30 days from the date you received your *original jewelry piece*. After the 30 day mark, a fee will be charged to replace or repair a setting.

Due to each breast milk charm piece is hand-made and made-to-order, we cannot remake your piece for you if you are unhappy with how it turned out. Each piece is made carefully using our unique multi-step process and each person's breast milk reacts differently to my process, so we cannot guarantee specific results.

Pictures on our website provide a general idea of what your breast milk charm will look like. Due to each piece is hand-made, your piece may not look exactly like those on our site (stone may be slightly different in the setting as each piece is hand-made, the color will be the color of your own breast milk and may not match what is shown on our photos). With that said, our product pictures represent the quality of my work very well; in fact, all of the pictures are actual breast milk jewelry pieces.

2)Breast milk Charm Resetting

If your breast milk stone falls out of your setting and you are able to locate the stone, we will repair it for free (ie. we will reset your stone for you into the original setting). After the 30 day mark, we will repair your breast milk jewelry for you (reset the stone back into your jewelry) for the price of shipping. You are responsible for shipping your jewelry back to us. Please contact us before shipping your jewelry.

If you are unhappy with how you design turned out or does not live up to your expectations, We cannot issue you a refund. You choose any custom design that you have me make, and these items cannot be resold if you decide that you don't like the way they look. As mentioned before, each person's breast milk is unique to them and we cannot guarantee specific results for your breast milk jewelry.


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