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Frequent Asked Question:


1. How much breast milk should I send to make a breast milk jewellery?

We have improved our breast milk jewellery technique so that we only require a very small amount of breast milk to make a piece of jewellery; 30ml is enough for 1 piece of breast milk jewellery.

2. How much Hair we need? 

30-40 strands depending on hair thickness, preferable 2-3cm  in an envelope

3. I have such a low milk supply. Can you use less than 30 ml for a breast milk charm?

It is possible to do for a smaller breast milk charm. Sometimes we can use as little as 5 ml for a very small charm. Contact us if you are having a supply issue and we will help to guide you to a design that might work for you.

4. Do you have any suggestions for increasing breast milk supply so I can send you the needed amount?

Hand-expressing milk works best. You can also collect a few drops of milk each day and build from there. Since we are not concerned about the milk spoiling, it can be collected for weeks before shipping to us.

5. I am having skin allergy to certain jewelleries, which material should I choose?

We have 2 options on silver. Silver plated and 925 Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is jewellery alloy of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals. The other metal in sterling silver is generally copper, but it can also be germanium, zinc or platinum. Traces of nickel can also be found in sterling silver jewellery and can cause an allergic reaction in people with intense jewellery allergies. However, most people who are allergic to nickel can wear sterling silver jewellery.

6. How to deliver my breast milk to you?

Please make sure your breast milk is double bagged (Breast milk bags would be the better option!) Labelled your full name and contact number with waterproof marker pen. We strongly recommend using courier service or PosLaju shipped in a padded envelope and indicated the parcel item as liquid item before posting .(Please mail us with the non-frozen breast milk.)

We will reconfirm your order once we received your inclusions. You will receive the finished jewelry approximately 8 weeks after we receive your inclusion.

7. Is it legal to ship breast milk using the postal service?

Yes, absolutely! Breast milk is permitted in post provided you package it correctly. There are no special rules regarding the shipment of breast milk in Malaysia. Just indicate that is breast milk when you sending by PosLaju to us.

8. How much does it cost to ship my breast milk to you?

Since no special handling is required for shipping your breast milk to us, it should be quite inexpensive for you. Shipping costs vary depending on package size and weight of the package, but generally speaking, it cost approximately RM7 to RM9 to ship breast milk using PosLaju (the preferred method for shipping).

9) Why Choose Us? 

We are doing our breastmilk jewelries with our OWN RECIPE (It is completely different from DIY kit you might know somewhere)
The art of jewelry making dates back thousands of years, to a time when ancient civilizations crafted jewelry for personal adornment. Created to display gemstones, express faith, and signify social status, artisans made jewelry that ranged from shells on hemp strings to tiaras and crowns worn by royalty.
At Woodie Pie our founders have passionately started breastmilk jewelry making from a father requested for a gift to his wife to keep her precious breastfeeding journey memories in her life. Breastmilk jewelry is the best option!
When we started on our testing, we intended to make our breastmilk jewelry with soap due to our soap-making background but we found that soap cannot last for long unless we turn it into stone. Using resins and every single raw materials from many different places and countries, we came out with our own original recipe (NOT a one stop ready DIY kit) to process your breastmilk jewelries and that is the reason why we can make our breastmilk jewelries in many different designs and shapes.
Have your own breastmilk jewelry at Woodie Pie, your jewelry will be as priceless and unique as the memories, DNA and stories captured within them. Thank you for investing in handmade breastmilk jewelries with Woodie Pie.

We will reconfirm your order once we received your inclusions. You will receive the finished jewellery approximately 8 weeks after we receive your inclusion.

**We guarantee that your Milk Charm is made with your own breast milk

**Breast milk charms vary in colour from cream to white, the natural colour of your breast milk

** Please be sure your address and your contact

** Under close inspection you may notice tiny air bubbles; these will not harm the life of your charm.

** Since our jewellery silvers are plated silver and 925 sterling silver, it tarnishes when it comes into contact with sulphur particles, which are found in abundance in the air. For this reason, most of silver jewellery tarnishes. Lotion and perfume may speed up the process.