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Before Ordering 

1.Where are we located?

Hi! Our Jewelry Makers from Kuching, Malaysia and we have a mailbox at Mutiara Damansara , Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

2.Do you have physical shop?

We are home based online business; we do not have any physical store at this moment

3.Can I combine purchase with my friends in one order?

Nope! We will not allow combine orders like we did before to ensure we can match the correct breastmilk received to the order. We only place order for individual breastmilk in one order (unless you want to mix 2 mothers breastmilk in one breastmilk stone then you can make the order with 2 mothers breastmilk). To reduce the misinterpretation or miscommunication, we only can make different person in different orders to reduce the mismatch of breastmilk received and orders. 

4.Is it fresh breastmilk is requested?

Nope! Spoilt, left over or expired breastmilk are accepted. It doesn’t affect the outcome of jewelry 

5.How long does It take to process my order?

We will take process your order and deliver out within 4-10 weeks (For Malaysia Orders)

4 – 12 weeks (For International Orders)

  • Start calculating from the date we received your inclusions
  • Postal service can also vary in times that it takes to deliver

6.I’m mom-to-be. Can I order first and send my inclusions at much later date?

Absolutely Yes! You can order to secure promotion or discount. There is no time frame to deliver your inclusions.

7. Are Charms fit to Pandora Bracelet?

Yes! all charms are able to fit Pandora Bracelet

8.How do I send my inclusions?

Please refer to HERE

9. How we manage your inclusions once we received?

We will double check your order number, name and the items ordered compared with your order in our system. We will label your details on the container (we added your milk in container from package). You can be sure the breastmilk jewelry you receive is absolutely made using your own milk.

10. How Much is typically required to create jewelry?


30ml for 1 -3 pieces. Minimum 10ml for small pieces such as an earring. Recommend send us 30ml for 1st purchase. We will keep the left over for any future purchases or any failure and we need to redo the jewelry.

Umbilical Cord 

Depending on size of the stump, usually ¼ to half of a dried umbilical stump for small to medium pieces & a whole stump for larger pieces


Minimum 2cm and we can combine hair from more than one person


1 teaspoon


Approximately 10 petals


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