Q: How much breast milk is needed?

Around 15ml of breast milk is required per order.

Step 1: Pour 10-15ml breast milk into a storage bag, remove excess air, seal, and place in another bag.

Step 2: Secure with tape, label with name, contact, and order ID (#100XXXXX).

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Step 3: Prevent leakage by taping, label with order details.

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Step 4: Cover with recycled bubble wrap or mailer box.

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Q: What's the recommended quantity of hair curl/lanugo strands for each piece if the design includes them?

A: For designs incorporating hair curl/lanugo, utilize 20-30 strands, ensuring a minimum length of 2cm. Remember to label the bag with your name, contact details, and order ID. If combining strands from multiple individuals, kindly keep them separate.

Q: What's the procedure for packing the umbilical cord if the design includes it?

A: Please label and place the umbilical cord in a resealable bag. If certain designs require specific portions for insertion, kindly indicate these details accordingly. (Name, contact details, and order ID)

Q: Is it acceptable to use frozen expired breast milk?

A: Certainly, frozen expired breast milk remains suitable for crafting jewelry, even if stored for an extended period.

Q: What if I'm concerned about the breast milk's condition after 7 days in transit?

A: Please rest assured that our sterilization process guarantees the safety of the breast milk for its use in creating jewelry.

Q: Can I utilize standard resealable bags for storing breast milk?

A: To prevent leakage, we strongly recommend using breast milk storage bags. If you don't have these bags, kindly get in touch with our customer service, and we'll arrange a collection kit for you.

Q: Is it possible for me to supply additional expired breast milk?

Feel free to provide an additional approximate 15ml of breast milk for future purchases. Any excess breast milk will be converted into powder form, and any remaining amount will be disposed of to maximize our storage efficiency. Please remember that each pack should not exceed 50ml of breast milk. Kindly understand that we will not return any surplus breast milk, including if it's in powder form

Important Points to Note:

  •     Delivery Responsibility: Customers are accountable for any potential risks related to delivery, including issues like leakage or loss during transit.
  •     Shipping Terms: Eligibility for free shipping is determined by our shipment policy, subject to specific terms and conditions. Subsequent delivery attempts may require customers to cover associated fees. Shipment Policy
  •     Customer-Provided Courier: If customers opt to use their own courier service, any fees incurred will be their responsibility. This choice allows customers to select their preferred courier, but the fees associated with this choice will be borne by the customer.