• Free an EXTRA Breast milk Jewellery up to RM 300 with any purchase. T&C apply Code: BMJEWELLERY
  • Free pick up service + shipping fee (ONE STOP) with minimum spending RM 200 (WM) / RM 250 (EM). Text us for more details

How to pack your breast milk / hair curl /lanugo /umbilical cord/ tooth & etc? 

Q: How much of breast milk needed?

We need around 15ml breast milk for entire order. 

Step 1: Pour 10-15ml breast milk into a breast milk storage bag, remove any excess air from the bag (Make sure it laying flat), seal tightly, pack into another breast milk storage bag. 

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Step 2:  Seal on top with cellotape to secure your breast milk storage. Label your details: Name, contact number and order ID : #100XXXXX  

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Step 3: Cover with recycled bubble wrap/ mailer box/ padded envelope


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*Please WhatsApp our customer service https://wa.me/60178202843 to book your pick up date and tracking number. 

Pick up areas: https://www.woodiepie.com/pages/pick-up-areas 

Q: How many strand hair curl/ lanugo needed per jewellery? 

A: 20-30 strands hair curl/ lanugo, length: recommended at least 2cm

Insert into a resealable bag and label your name, phone no and order ID 

**Please separate hair curl into different resealable bag (each person per pack) if plan to combine more than 2 person hair curl. 

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Q: How do I pack umbilical cord? 

A: Insert into a resealable bag and label your name, phone no and order ID #100XXXXX . 

*Some of the designs needed small portion of umbilical figment, you may provide portion wanted to insert into the jewellery.  

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Q: Can I use frozen expired breast milk? 

Absolutely! Expired breast milk is suitable for creating jewellery, despite that it has been frozen for many years. 

Q: My breast milk still with courier services after 7 days, I’m worried about the breast milk go bad during the journey.. 

A; No worries! Your breast milk undergoes several sterilizing stages of production to ensure the final product is always suitable for use in jewellery making. 

Q: I don’t have breast milk storage bag, can I use normal resealable bag to store my breast milk? 

A: We strongly encourage not to use normal resealable bag instead of breast milk storage bag. There was more than 70% leakage cases happened with using normal resealable bag. If you don’t have breast milk storage bags, please contact our customer service, collection kit will be arranged upon request.

Q: I have a lot of expired breast milk, can I pass you more? 

A: Please contact our customer service for more information. 

Q: I stopped breastfeeding, this is my last batch of breast milk, what should I do?

A: Please contact our customer service for special arrangement. 


* Any leakage /destroy /lost package in the midst of delivery is on your own risk. 

* Free breast milk collection service is available for first attempt (T & C apply). Fee will be borne by customer on following attempts. 

* If customer opt in for own preference courier service company, fee will be borne by their own.

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