Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Meet Heidi Tan Hua Wey, the co-founder of Woodie Pie, a trailblazing venture that emerged in 2015. A mother-of-two, Heidi shares a special connection with her business partner, having previously collaborated on a soapmaking venture before venturing into the world of DNA keepsakes.

Heidi, a passionate advocate for celebrating the unique bond between mothers and their babies, co-founded Woodie Pie with the vision of immortalizing this profound connection through DNA keepsakes. Having experienced the challenges of the breastfeeding journey firsthand, Heidi recognizes the physical and emotional toll it can take on mothers. She believes that breast milk jewelry serves as a meaningful reward and recognition for mothers who navigate through the complexities of this period.

In August of 2015, Woodie Pie, introduced breast milk jewelry to its offerings. While based in Malaysia, Woodie Pie attracts customers not only locally but also from Singapore. Customers can conveniently place orders through the company's website and send their breast milk via courier services. The meticulous process of creating each piece takes about four to eight weeks.

Heidi emphasizes that even expired breast milk can be used for crafting these unique keepsakes. Woodie Pie has developed its own formulation, leveraging extensive research to create breast milk jewelry. The solidified breast milk takes on a quality resembling plastic, and the team uses resin to preserve it into solid beads for jewelry settings.

A labor of love, each piece requires approximately 1ml of milk and is set in various metals, including 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, or 916 gold materials. Woodie Pie offers a diverse range of items, from earrings and pendants to keepsake charms, with prices ranging from RM119 to RM1,088, depending on designs and the type of metal used.

Woodie Pie is rooted in the belief that the demand for breast milk jewelry will continue to rise as mothers cherish any keepsake that reminds them of their children, coupled with their love for wearing jewelry. Woodie Pie stands as a testament to the celebration of motherhood through unique and personalized pieces that encapsulate the beauty of maternal bonds.