Woodiepie's breastmilk brooch is a special piece of jewelry that incorporates breast milk into its design. It is typically worn as a pin or brooch and serves as a meaningful keepsake for mothers who have breastfed their children. 

1. Design: A breastmilk brooch can come in various designs, such as flowers, butterflies, or other symbolic shapes. The design is often chosen to represent the bond between a mother and her child and the nurturing aspect of breastfeeding.

2. Materials: These brooches are typically crafted from copper or brass .

3. Breast Milk Inclusion: The most distinctive feature of a breastmilk brooch is the inclusion of breast milk. A small compartment is created within the design, where a small quantity of a mother's breast milk is encapsulated and preserved. The breast milk is often sealed in a clear resin or glass-like material, both protecting it and allowing it to be visible.

4. Sentimental Value: Breastmilk/DNA brooches hold deep sentimental value for mothers who have breastfed their children. They symbolize the loving bond shared during the breastfeeding journey and serve as a touching reminder of the special moments with their child.

5. Symbolism: The design and breast milk inclusion in these brooches often carry symbolism related to motherhood, nurturing, and the unique connection between a mother and her child.

6. Meaning: Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the brooch becomes a cherished keepsake and a conversation starter. It enables mothers to share their breastfeeding experiences with others and celebrate the unique journey of motherhood.

These brooches are often handcrafted and can be obtained from specialized jewelry artisans or companies that offer breast milk preservation and jewelry services. They provide a meaningful and beautiful way for mothers to commemorate their breastfeeding experience and the loving connection they share with their child.

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