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Our philosophy

Woodie pie specialising in handmade breast milk jewellery and DNA Keepsakes since 2015. We believe that jewellery should be an expression of your motherhood journey. Our aim is to create classic and timeless pieces allow you to mix and match our pieces to create a meaningful jewellery statement that is as unique as you are. We are honoured with what we do and provide every mommies with a range of professionally created & individually handcrafted keepsake jewellery pieces.


Featured in

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Leanor Valerie

    Leanor Valerie

    Told you I went on to order another batch of accessories after my 1st round. Since I've had pendants, bracelet and ring. Why not complete it with some earrings. Been wearing the plain round ones every day since. Very simple yet meaningful.

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Heidi_Odette


    Every breastfeeding journey is beautiful no matter how short or long. In the future when I look at these breastmilk jewelries, i will remember that the hardships are only temporary and i will miss the bond i share with my son during our breastfeeding journey together. The hours are long, but the months are so short.

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Ange_87


    A very meaningful birthday present for my beloved daughter. It came just in time for her birthday. Thank you Woodie Pie for making this beautiful breast milk necklace. It's something that money cannot buy and only I can produce for her. May you keep this forever and knowing that mommy will always be with you.

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Leyaazhari


    Those heart shapes & pendant are made from my breastmilk. From sharing about it on my IG story to receiving it as a birthday gift yesterday. Thank you my husband 🤍 You always find a way to make the impossible possible. Khaie split those heart shapes so Naiyra could keep one too. We love it!

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Agneslzh


    This lovely meaningful piece is made from the breastmilk collected on my birthday. So delicate and beautiful! A keepsake for breastfeeding journey. Just in time for my Valentine's Day. Thank you!

  • Woodie Pie | Breast Milk Jewellery & DNA Keepsakes/Jewelry - Jcqlynyn


    Fed is always best, regardless if it is breast milk or formula powder. I am glad I made the decision to commemorate my breastfeeding journey with James with the help of the lovely people from #woodiepie in KL that immortalised it into a stunning breast milk pearl.

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