How to Pack Your DNA Inclusions for Your Orders

How to Pack Your DNA Inclusions for Your Orders

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Hassle-Free Breast Milk Drop-off at Convenience Store!

We understand the demands of your busy schedule, especially for new mothers. That's why we're excited to announce a new and convenient service designed with you in mind—free breast milk drop-off right at convenience store- JH Mart @ The Podium, Kuching, Sarawak!

Key Features:

  1. Flexibility: No more waiting for a courier service to pick up your precious breast milk. With our convenience store drop-off, you have the freedom to swing by at a time and day that suits you best.

  2. Convenience: Our goal is to make things easy for you. Simply visit our designated convenience store location and drop off your breast milk hassle-free.

  3. Accessible: The convenience store is strategically located for your convenience(open 24/7), ensuring that it's easily accessible whenever you need it.

How It Works:

  1. 1. Collect your breast milk(max 5ml/1 tablespoon)/other DNA inclusions in a breastmilk bag.(Preferable in double bag) - Please collect the free empty breastmilk bag placed at the drop off point if you do not have any option to pack your inclusion for our order)

  2. 2. Visit our drop off location at your convenience.(@The Podium, JH Mart, Kuching, Sarawak Only) - This is a 24/7 Store, you can visit the shop anytime.

  3. 3. Drop off your sealed breastmilk bag, knowing it will be handled with care.

  4. That's it! Enjoy the flexibility of fitting this into your routine seamlessly.

Effortless Packing Guidelines for Your Inclusions:

1. Thawing Breast Milk - A Dry Approach as possible:

To ensure the safety of your items and prevent any inconvenience for other packages, we recommend thawing your breast milk before packing.

Our process accommodates various states of breast milk, whether it's fresh, leftover, slightly spoiled, or even expired—rest assured, it won't impact the creation of your exquisite jewelry.

Once your breast milk reaches us, our dedicated experts will handle it with special care. We'll process it meticulously to ensure it's perfectly suited for crafting your unique jewelry piece. Trust our skilled artisans to transform the sentiment of your breast milk into a stunning and lasting keepsake.




2. Labelling on Breast Milk Bag:

To avoid any mix-ups and guarantee a seamless journey for your package, proper labeling is essential. Kindly follow these steps:

Include Your Details: Write your name, order ID, and phone number on the label.

Clear Attachment: Securely attach the clear label to your breast milk bags. This ensures visibility and clarity during the handling process.

This straightforward labeling process is crucial for our team to identify and process your order accurately. It helps prevent any confusion with other orders, ensuring that your package is handled with the utmost care and attention.



3. Thoughtful Packaging:

Labeling Complete: Ensure your breast milk bag is properly labeled with your name, order ID, and phone number. This step is crucial for accurate processing and to avoid any confusion with other orders.

Standard Envelope: Once labeled, place your labeled breast milk bag into a standard envelope. This simple and secure packaging method ensures that your items are protected during transit.

Why Thoughtful Packaging Matters:

Protection: A standard envelope provides a layer of protection for your breast milk bag, preventing any damage during transit.

Privacy: We understand the sensitivity of the items you're sending. Thoughtful packaging helps maintain your privacy throughout the shipping process.

Efficiency: Using a standard envelope streamlines the shipping process, making it easier for your package to be processed and delivered promptly.

Additional Tips:

Seal the envelope securely to prevent any potential leaks or damage.

If you have multiple inclusions, consider placing them in separate labeled bags within the envelope for added organization.


4. Drop-off at our convenience store- JH Mart @ The Podium, Kuching, Sarawak

Bring your well-prepared package to JH Mart @ The Podium, Kuching, Sarawak, making drop-offs easy and accessible @ 24/7.

Drop off locationWhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 2.52.02 PM

5. Accommodating Hours:

We're here to cater to your schedule. Visit us working day of the week (Monday to Friday) during our extensive operating hours, which run from 10:00 AM to 4 PM. However, the drop off can be done at anytime.

Your commitment to thoughtful packaging ensures that your precious inclusions arrive safely at our studio, ready to be transformed into a beautiful and meaningful jewelry piece.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team at +6012-884 9982 (Belle)

Thank you for choosing Woodie Pie to be a part of your special journey. We look forward to crafting a beautiful piece that encapsulates your unique memories.

Woodie Pie Team