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Clover Glass Locket

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Quick Glance:

Size: ~38 to 40 mm 

Material: 316 Stainless Steel( Silver Stainless Steel/ Gold Plated Stainless Steel/Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel)

Type: Glass Locket Pendant

Catergory: Customise

Unleash your creativity with WoodiePie's Customise By You - DNA Glass Locket Edition.

Dive into the fascinating realm of personalized jewelry as you design a one-of-a-kind piece that encapsulates the essence of your unique genetic code.

Crafted with precision and adorned with elegance, our DNA Glass Lockets offer a mesmerizing window into the very building blocks of life. 

Introducing our DNA Clover Locket – a symbol of elegance and personalized beauty in WoodiePie's DNA Jewelry Collection. This exquisite piece combines the precision of modern technology with the timeless charm of a four-leaf clover design, creating a unique and meaningful accessory.

Crafted with attention to detail, the DNA Clover Locket allows you to encapsulate the essence of your individual genetic code within its delicate frame. The intricate clover shape, with each leaf representing a different aspect of your unique story, adds a touch of symbolism to this remarkable piece.

Measurements :38-40mm diameter

Finishing and Materials : Silver/Gold plated/ Rose Gold stainless steel pendant, eproxy resin, optional (Silver/Gold Plated/ Rose Gold stainless steel necklace - length 50cm)


* Please note that photo doesn’t show the actual size, kindly refer to description for size details

*The graphic as shown is only for illustation purpose.

* Please allow 1-2mm differences due to manual measurement

* The colour will vary slightly from the actual colour due to screen’s resolution, contrast, light, etc

* Umbilical Cord might be cut into size that fit to the design

* Our product is handmade item, each piece may have slight variations.  

* Lead time will be counting from the date of inclusions delivered to our mailbox, and final confirmation of the artwork (if any).

Shipping Information:

Malaysia: Estimated delivery in 4-8 weeks.(Customisation might take longer period)

Other countries: Estimated delivery in 6-8 weeks. (Customisation might take longer period)

Shipping duration starts upon receipt of your inclusions.

This pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a sentimental keepsake designed to celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the nurturing bond between a mother and her child. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, making it a special and meaningful gift for any mother.

Order Yours Today: Whatever makes you yours , put it in your Locket-By-You with Woodie Pie's co-creation.